Monday, October 15, 2007

computer time!!

.,In the computer subject,i learned different kinds,like how to make our own website for us to make some artistic things.I also learned to make a blog where we can make some articles in different matters.,we can also published to the computer for the readers to know some story about ourselves.It is one way where we can save our good memories and stories that happens to our life,where we can share and to know the people there is a good and bad moment's in every life's of human being,and for us to ask some advices to the readers,they can post comment's about our blog.Another is that i learned different parts of the computer and it's uses.About the new technology we haved today,the simpliest way how to communicate in other peolpe even if there are too far from us.I learned some techniques in using computer.

Is that you?!?!ma'm?!

.,hi ma'am!!uhm..all I can say about ma'am is she's different, unique and she's a nice professor to us.She teaches computer subject to us,and she's teaching in PUP.She never gets mad to our class,she understands us in different ways,she always tells us to study hard coz that is the only way how to achieve our goals and dreams in life,she always directs us to the right path where she thinks that we're in good status.Ma'am Pinyon is very caring professor,she always lead and guide us and teach us how to be a good and nice person.She's a good baker even if I didn't ever taste her food but I know that it tastes good coz she spent so much time in her cooking.,she loved her son.,so much.,she works hard for her son just like our mothers,she did not attend our class just to take care of her sick son.We've learned that time was very important and we must use it wisely,thank you ma'am for being a good model to us.,we hope that you're still our professor in the next semester.


.,Haay.,sa wakas malapit ng matpos 1st sem.,all i can say bout college life is great!!much happier than high school but harder. It became happier when i met my new "tropa" inside the room.,they're different from my high school friends, i've experienced everything., i learned to how to cut classes when i'm bored,having parties or drinking sessions after class.I still flirt more girls than before.,tsk!tsk!tsk!(but i'm still a good person).The teachers are more strict unlike in high school.I know that it's more dangerous now because of the different encounters,but in the end.,i still know how to make^_^

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

it's me..ok ba?!?'s me..Charlemar Kristofferson P Lee.,I live in the beautiful barangay in marikina,,of cousre "sta.elena".,uhm i'm 18 years old and luking 4 a hot chik!!hehehe...joke!i want a simple girl.,i mean who can love me the way i wanted to be l0ve,who can never replace me.,can make my lyf worhty.,i'm not the type of guy who just go to a relationship just 4 fun.,i nid som1 who can love me w/o asking why,when and how,all i nid is som1 who can stick w/ me nothing more nothing less.,who can feel contented 4 who i am,wat i have and wat i can give,i know that i'm not that perfect guy,but all i know that it's me.,the one who can love you more than i love myself.,i cannot give u everything but 1 thing is 4 xur ol i can give is my love that you won't regret in your lyf.,^_^
i like haning out 2gder w/ my friends.,"gimmik" "inuman" "tambay" those three is the things who make my lyf happier..every saturday schedule ng gimmik nmin.,at xmpre sa bar..we like dancing in the dance floor with a hot chik dancing w/ me..heheheh!joke..i forget my problems when i'm with my tropa.,i can say dat 1 of the reasons of my existing is my barakada..[_tpth^